Industrial Output & Market Signals

This chart is a 2-in-1 combo that puts the Industrial Production: Total Index and Business Applications for the United States side by side, shining a light on different facets of the economy and how they might influence market trends.

  • Industrial Production: Total Index: This measures real output from all U.S. facilities, covering manufacturing, mining, and utilities. Think of it as the pulse of the industrial sector. Its highs and lows often align with economic expansions and contractions, which can impact the market. A booming industrial output usually points to economic growth and can lift market indices.

  • Business Applications for the United States: This is a measure of entrepreneurial spirit and potential future business growth. When business applications rise, it often foreshadows economic expansion and job creation, signaling a potential market performance uptick. But if new business applications are on the decline, it could be a warning sign of a slowing economy and possible downtrends in market indices.

The key takeaway: Established industries and new businesses both make waves in the overall market. By keeping an eye on these two charts, you'll have a compass to navigate the complex terrain of economic trends, helping you make more informed decisions.

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